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Why we recommend seeing your Physician or Chiropractor before continuing your regular activity schedule following an accident.

In an accident, the impact to people’s bodies occurs in similar ways to the impact to the body/ frame of vehicles .  Damage to a vehicle is generally identifiable right away though it is not unusual to find “hidden” damage as a repair is handled. In people, damage to the hard tissues – bones is generally immediately identifiable but for the soft tissues – muscles, organs, connective tissues etc. injuries often take a few hours or days to become apparent to the patient. Physicians and Chiropractors who work with these injuries daily may be able to identify injuries earlier leading to quicker better outcomes. One point is that rotational forces will act on the passengers based on their positions at time of impact and even when the car started by traveling straight, it is not unusual for people to be twisting, moving or repositioning themselves at the time of impact leading to injuries.

Fixing people is similar to fixing cars following an accident.

Car Accident Injury Adjustments Roseville, CA

Small Dings

In even small accidents, the alignment and flow of the lines of your car are affected. The car does not just right itself, automotive technicians guide the body parts back into alignment to function smoothly again.

Similarly, Chiropractic adjustments bring your body back into alignment and optimal function again. 

Specialized Chiropractic Tools and Alignments


For most accidents, automotive technicians use specialized tools that carefully draw your car back to it’s original shape and alignment.  In a similar manner, Dr. Funk uses specialized tools and exercises to alleviate pain and guide your body back into optimal alignment.  

Cars are built with interchangeable body parts. People not so much.

Car Accident Injury Pain Relief Center Roseville

Frame Straightner

Following a major collision, powerful tools are used to draw your car chassis back to proper alignment.

Dr. Funk uses frequent gentle adjustments to bring your body back into alignment. Rather than increasing the force, he increases the frequency in the beginning to bring rapid physical relief and improvement in your balance and posture.  Slowly, he adjusts the frequency until you are recovered.

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Kinds of Accidents

Car Accident Chiropractor Roseville, CA

Car Accidents

Research shows that even a “Fender Bender” can cause injury pain, headaches, and even arthritis.  In many car accidents the victims worry more about their cars than they do about their health.

Motorcycle Accidents Injury Chiropractic Service

Motorcycle Accidents

Even the best motorcycle accident puts forces on your bike and you.

Bicycle Accident Injury Treatment Roseville

Bicycle Accidents

The same twists and turns that caused this to the bike impacted the muscles and bones of the rider.

Complete Chiropractic Exam & First Adjustment With Exam Laser Treatment

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