Whether it is triggered by job, family, or school, almost all of us are impacted by daily stress. During these periods, it can feel as though nothing alleviates our anxiety. You may have felt like you tried everything – exercise, meditation, healthy eating. However, chiropractic can often do the trick.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

When you are under stress, you experience an increased sympathetic tone in the nervous system. This causes the muscles to tighten, therefore pressure on the joints and tendons.

Another side effect of an increased sympathetic tone is compression through the nerves and tissues. This puts pressure on the organs, which may cause them to disfunction. The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to decrease the stress on the joints, tissues, and muscles, allowing the body to relax and function healthily again.

Stress can also cause subluxation which impacts the spine. You may experience a sore back, hips, and shoulders. Your chiropractor will help correct the subluxations that are caused by stress.

Following your adjustment, your chiropractor may suggest deep tissue massage, rehabilitation exercises, postural changes, relaxation techniques, or nutritional supplementation to help decrease your stress levels, preventing chronic pain.

Dr. Steve Funk is an experienced chiropractor in Roseville, California. Contact Dr. Steve Funk Chiropractic to start treating your body pain from stress today!

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