We live in a society where most jobs are behind a desk. This means the average person can spend eight hours sitting per day at work. The long-term impact of sitting not only manifests on your waist line but can cause serious back problems. Symptoms of people who sit for too long is lower back pain, wrist pain, reduced mobility in the neck, headaches, and painful neck muscles.

While chiropractic adjustments can alleviate the pain and modify spinal imbalances, you should take precautionary measures while at your desk job. Combining chiropractic with the following techniques can help you maintain a pain free spine.

Use Lumbar Support

Using lumbar support can help improve your sitting posture. The support with draw your back up and create a curve in your spine that you have when standing. You can attain lumbar support with a rolled-up towel as an inexpensive option. To find where you should place the support, sit up tall in your chair. Roll your shoulders back and find the curve in your spine. Place the rolled-up towel in the between the chair and curve in your back.

Shorten the Periods that You Sit

Just because you have a sitting job, does not mean you have to stay glued to the chair for 8 hours. Stand up and stretch every thirty minutes. Take a short walk around the office if you are able.

Use a Stand-Up Desk

The best option for a stationary job is a stand-up desk. According to Occupation Environmental Medicine, patients who used a stand-up desk experienced 50 percent decrease of back pain. A stand-up desk can help improve your posture and take pressure off your neck and lower back. However, it is not enough to fix more serious problems such as a herniated disc or scoliosis. In this situation, you should develop a treatment plan with your chiropractor.

If you have a desk job and are suffering from back pain, it is important to seek care. Dr. Funk is a trained chiropractor in Roseville, California that can help develop a treatment plan and provide lifestyle adjustments to help you live pain-free. Contact our chiropractic clinic today!

Like eating a healthy diet and exercise, chiropractic is preventative treatment for the long-term health of your body. Some people only need to visit a chiropractor every few months. Others are recovering from an injury and need an adjustment each week. Whatever your situation may be, a trained chiropractor can help develop a plan that helps you live a pain-free life while doing the activities that you love.

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Running has become a craze in the fitness industry. Almost everyone can run to help them meet their fitness goals or run the 5k, half marathon, or marathon on their bucket list. Running has made a positive impact for thousands of people. However, like any form of physical fitness, runners should be aware of their form. Poor form can cause misalignments in the spine and joints.

If you are experiencing pain from running, contact a sports chiropractor so you do not injure your body long term.

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Chiropractic for Golfers

Golfing is not known to be a high impact sport but any amateur golfer knows that a day on the green can cause stress on your body. The average golfer swings their club at 75 – 95 mph. Additionally, if you are carrying your clubs when you play 18 holes, you could be carrying a 40 pound bag through miles of terrain. The combination of a golf swing’s twisting repetitive movement and carrying your clubs can cause chaos to your lower back. As soon as the pain starts, it is essential to visit a trained chiropractor to maintain proper alignment of your spine.

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